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A retiring seasoned criminal’s blessing to his grandson

A retiring seasoned criminal’s blessing to his beloved grandson-aspiring to be a seasoned criminal like his father and grandfather, “My dear grandson as you sit on the watermelon and I break this wild turkey egg on your head and the … Continue reading

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“I Take No Guff From Nobody specially bullies like you”

Small dog Pappy to big dog Wolfy, “Don’t you ever call me a bite size. When it comes to principles, I stand my ground. Size of the opponent has no meaning. A bully is a bully and I know how … Continue reading

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Address Of Canine Commandant Gary. D. K. Holly about the global effort in using ancient techniques in catching Modern Criminals

“We want our canines to chase criminals with a positive attitude  not with anger, but with patience. For this purpose two canine yogi’s, Oscar. P. Dicken Doo, and Jhonny. D. Simm. Simm, have arrived to our academy to give out … Continue reading

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A seasoned criminal’s advice and blessing to his aspiring to be criminal young son

A seasoned limping criminal’s (with a chewed up leg by a Police dog) advice and blessing for his aspiring-to-be-criminal young son, “Son, do no favor in life unless you really have to, take no chances in life unless you really … Continue reading

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The Commandant speaking at the annual convention of graduating class of 2014 said, “In the light of high cost of dental insurance, you will be required to keep your muzzles on at all times, except for lunch and dinner time. From … Continue reading

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Mutual Trust Is A Must For Effective Policing.

“Dear Police Officer, in a trusting and lasting relationship there is no room for Bear Spray, that you hold in your right hand”.  © Samina Iqbal. 2014.

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Young Police K-9’s to catch young offenders-An Individualized Approach To Combat Crime, Inspired By Wisdom and Driven By Necessity.

In the light of surge in candy stealing by young offenders, Police has trained young puppies to apprehend young offenders and to take away stolen candies from their pockets. The action will be taped on video and puppies themselves will … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Shining Star Of Police K-9 Unit–Baby Samuel

Baby Samuel C.R. Bradshaw Jr. First day on the job, and asking for overtime, inquiring about the benefits, and determined to join the Union as an agitator. © Samina Iqbal. 2013

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Address of Commandant K-9 Police Academy Godfrey G. S. Conan Doyle III to K-9 Graduating Class of 2013

[Commandant K-9 Police Academy (Above)] “You will be given safety shoes, like mine,  for protection against sharp objects. Canines involved in riot control will have their tails encased in a heavy-duty steel tubing for tail protection. Regardless of the weight of … Continue reading

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