Let’s Honor A Complete Human Being Among Us-A Police Officer


 Feed your heart in conversation

With someone harmonious with it:

Seek spiritual advancement from one

Who is advanced.


rainy-weather Why should it be peculiar if God elevates one of our species, in relation to whom we appear as trivial beings? The Police Officers have been endowed with a power within them by means of which they have been elevated above and given control of their nature to do as they intend. It is not unusual for an outstanding human being amongst humanity to have accomplished the capability to experience a state of absolute bliss and ecstasy? This comes after performing a great deed like helping a blind man cross the road, among so many other deeds he performs during one single day.

Protecting and helping all humanity at all times, is the top priority of all Police Officers. What would we do without their protection and guidance? 

“The saints protection is truth’s sword:

your time with him

is worth as much as the cup of life itself.”


 The Police Officer speaks out of benevolence and empathy about all humanJPG140 beings. How could he/she harbor hate or selfish interests with regard to anyone? Do we ever stop to wonder as to what are we in relation to one who possesses such magnanimity?

“Companionship with the Holy makes you

one of them.

Though you are rock or marble,

You’ll become a jewel

When you reach the man of heart.


YTn3dDtPolice Officers go through a lot of pain and personal sacrifice to understand the humanity and take actions for their betterment. In order to succeed in learning anything worthwhile you have to endure sufferings and acts contrary to your will? These qualities make a Police Officer a complete human being. 


tnShop_W_Cop3Police Officers reach out to the needy families to help them live honorable lives.

Police Officers come to our rescue when we most need them.


What would we do without the Police Officers help and support in our daily lives. Lets ponder for a while. The least we can do is to honor and thank our heroes who put their own lives in danger to save us from harm.

© Samina Iqbal. 2015

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“Just another one of those things I’m going to carry around forever I guess,” says a Police Officer in a painful yet a heartwarming story.

images 2( My Blogger Friends, this story of a Police Officer that I read touched me so much that I decided to share it with you. After reading this heart wrenching account you will, I am sure, appreciate what a Police Officer goes through on a routine day at work. Some memories, some incidents get etched in the memory and always come to haunt him/her long after they are over. We must share the pains of Police officers since they are human beings just like us. And we must appreciate and acknowledge what a Police Officer witnesses in a moment, we may not witness in our lifetime. Lets support them in every way and pray for the safety and security of our Protectors.)

“You know why red lipstick makes my heart race?”  (self.ProtectAndServe) submitted * by hoodcop 

“It was shift change. I was going home. It had been a long shift and I was looking forward to the comfort of my bed. It was a hot night and sticky. I just feel gross. I can feel my undershirt clinging to my body underneath my body armor and I’m ready to peel all of it off. My sub station has its own set of gas pumps with a set of trash cans. It’s an end of shift ritual that everyone fuels up and cleans out their patrol cars so that the next guy doesn’t have to start his shift off dealing with your mess and filling up the tank. Some slugs don’t do it, as it isn’t an official rule, but what can you do? I was pumping the last drop of gas into my tank when the emergency tone on my radio goes off. Not good. All of my shift mates are at the sub loading up their personal vehicles to go home, and the day shift guys haven’t quite made it out of the parking lot yet. The emergency tone ends and the dispatcher crackles over the air. She broadcasts a shooting in progress at 6 AM. The shooting is damn near at the furthest point from the sub in the furthest district from the sub. More bad news. Several other officers and I at the pumps stare at each other for a second, not wanting to believe it. There is no way that the day shift guys are going to be able to sign on and make it to that call fast enough. I snap out of it and hop back in my patrol car. Somebody has to make that scene, and even though it isn’t even close to my normal section, I don’t exactly see other officers falling over themselves to head that way. I tell dispatch to assign me and I burn rubber out of the sub. Few things are as fun as running balls out Code 3 to a call like that. Few things are more terrifying than running balls out Code 3 to a call like that in morning traffic as every Joe Schmoe is just trying to make it to work. As I hit the on ramp to the highway, my pulse is rising. I start to breathe deliberately and slowly to control it. Need to keep that heart rate down. No one is getting the f***k out of my way. When did people in America forget that all you have to do is pull over to the side of the road? I get it. When I’m going 90 or a 100 or a 110 down the highway, my siren doesn’t make it past my push bar, but what about the huge blinky lights filling up the rear view mirror? I remember pushing my Crown Vic to the point that the steering started to get a little… floaty. Not good. Slow down. Breathe. I let off the accelerator a little. It takes me probably 7 to 10 maddening minutes fighting through traffic to get there. As I round the corner into the neighborhood, I see flashing police lights in front of a house ahead. OK. One of my partners has made it there already. He must’ve been dragging his feet getting back to the sub to have been close enough to the call to beat me there. I pull up and hop out. What is that f***king noise? Oh yeah, turn off your siren moron. I jog the 10 feet back to my patrol car and switch it off. With the siren off, I can suddenly hear hysterical screaming from the backyard of the house. “My baby! My baby! Please help him! Jesus! My baby!” I jog down the driveway and squeeze past a silver sedan. “Chevy Malibu” my mind notes. Cop brains do that, noting details in the heat of the moment just in case they’re important later. When I get around the car I’m in a dimly lit back yard. I see my partner straddling a kid, 12 or 13 years old. My partner is young himself. He’s in his early 20s and a hard charger, just a few months out of the academy. Probably also explains why he got there first. My partner is doing chest compressions. Everytime I see somebody doing CPR the song “Staying Alive” pops into my head. We were taught to do the compressions to the rhythm of the song. “Ah ah ah ah, staying alive, staying alive, ah ah ah ah, staying alive.” CPR and that song are permanently linked in my brain. I look at that mom. She’s in her early 30s, hispanic, wearing a white tank top and covered in tattoos. She’s also losing her mind. Literally rolling around on the ground screaming hysterically. You know those videos from the wars of the Muslim mothers wailing and screaming over the bodies of their dead sons? Like that. I look back to the kid. He is clean cut, has short hair, no ink. He is wearing basketball shorts and no shirt. I definitely didn’t immediately think “gang member” or “criminal.” Mom snaps me out of it by grabbing me. I turn to look back at her and she’s yelling in my face and falling on me. “Do something! Help him! Please Jesus help him!” “Ma’am. My partner is doing what he can. The ambulance is on the way. They’ll be here any second.” I noticed that her lips were red. Bright red. I guess mom really wanted to complete the chola look. She lets go of me and goes towards my partner, screaming. I grab her by the waist and pull her away. She kicks her legs and flails. “Stop! You’re not helping! If you want to help your son you have to calm down! Tell me what the f***k happened!” Well that didn’t help. A couple of paramedics come trotting into the backyard and relieve my partner. They start working on the kid and we find out that he’s been shot 2 or 3 times in the back. We have to drag mom into the front yard because she won’t stay away from the paramedics. As we pass the Malibu, I notice that the back window has a few bullet holes. A few camera crews got to the scene wicked fast. They have police scanners and there isn’t much going on at the time of the morning, so the street already has a couple of news vans. As they’re setting up their cameras to shoot, mom is writhing in the front yard hysterically. It was surreall. Myself and a couple of other officers are just standing in a circle around this lady while she is in the throes of hysteria. Still not having any story about what happened, I notice that the front door to the house is ajar. I knock and call out police. No answer. I step into the dimly lit living room. Nobody else is in the house. I can tell. I hear a chime and look down at the coffee table. The kid’s iPhone is laying there. A text message pops up on the screen. The sender has a cutesy girl’s name, and the text reads, “(name of victim) I think I love you. I want to try having sex.” Weird. I shake it off and walk back outside. Somebody is getting the story from the mom. She had just come home from a party, and her son had walked out into the driveway to help her carry things into the house. A dark colored SUV pulled up at the end of the driveway and a young black male jumped out of the passenger seat. “F***k you Mexicans!” he yelled before he started letting off rounds. The mom and the son ran towards the back yard, away from the hail of bullets. That’s why the son got hit in the back. I see my partner, the one who was doing CPR a few minutes ago, standing a little ways down the sidewalk. He is breathing hard and sweaty. CPR is hard work. I walk up to him. “What the f***k man? I mean, what the f***k happened?” “I just got here dude. I heard the yelling in the back and I ran back there. I saw the kid. I started doing chest compressions and I told the mom to give him breaths. Blood was coming out of his mouth man.” Red lips. Damn. What kind of asshole am I? That wasn’t lipstick on mom. It was her son’s blood. She was trying to breathe life back into her kid and got his blood all over her mouth. The kid died. There were many hours of CSI combing the scene and taking panoramic videos and 3-D scans. By the end of it all I was just exhausted and kind of delirious. We found out later that the kid’s older brother was a gang banger. He had gotten into a fist fight at his high school with a member of a rival gang over a girl. The kid that he beat up came to the house looking for a little street justice. He must’ve seen the 13 year old in the driveway and thought it was the older brother. Damn stupid way for a 13 year old to die. Damn stupid reason for mom to get those red lips. Sometimes when I see girls with red lipstick I go back to that moment. Mom is hanging on me, screaming for mercy and begging for her baby’s life. Just another one of those things I’m going to carry around forever I guess.”


© Samina Iqbal. 2015

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“Blessed Are The Peacemakers-Our Police Officers”

leo meWEB-mountiesofficers_heart_poem_lg580c8dc9e663c6183d2b09d7ceef343f
Virginia Tech Shootings © Samina Iqbal. 2015

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Police Officer’s Job Is Not A Job Its A Calling-Lets Thank Them For All The Freedoms We Enjoy.



It is the police officer – not the reporter, who protects freedom of the press.

It is the police officer – not the poet, who guards our freedom of speech.

It is the armed police officer, training in the use of deadly force, ready to defend the innocent against aggression and the weak against the violent, standing ready to serve and protect even with his life if necessary.

It is the police officer who preserves your rights to keep and bare arms. It is the police officer – not the politician, who insures freedom of assembly.

It is the police officer – not the campus organizer, who safeguards the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the police officer – not the defense attorney, who reads Miranda warnings and informs defendants of inalienable rights.

It is the police officer who is willing to disclose all evidence, even evidence which may weaken a case, in order to protect the innocent and insure that justice shall prevail.

It is the police officer – not the preacher, who safeguards our liberties, including freedom of religion.

It is the police officer – not the judges, who seeks out witnesses, thus preserving rights of the accused.

It is the police officer, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.

It is the police officer, who vigilantly serves the public, protecting society from evil, and preserving all our freedoms.

(By Sgt Les Langford

Utah Highway Patrol)






© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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A seasoned criminal’s advice and blessing to his aspiring to be criminal young son



A seasoned limping criminal’s (with a chewed up leg by a Police dog) advice and blessing for his aspiring-to-be-criminal young son, “Son, do no favor in life unless you really have to, take no chances in life unless you really have to, trust no one in life unless you really have to, and May you always be chased by a Police dog with a touch of arthritis.



©Samina Iqbal. 2014

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“I have to ticket you, please forgive me my love”

Police Officers Giving Woman Traffic Ticket

Police Officers Giving Woman Traffic Ticket

The day is glowing with incandescent sunniness,

Divine is the air and nature hums

melodies of bliss,

It is so nice to see you in all your loveliness

with a heavenly smile to light

up the world with your prettiness.




Going fast, even in a fast lane?

Flying on the wings of desire my love!

This leaves me wondering as if,

You want to make yourself free from self

in one stroke! to vanish into oblivion

and emptiness.


Flee from speeding, away from trouble;

take the path of safety, far from this danger.

Take this advice from me

as a sign of compassion, 

of care, of concern, of love

for sake of your secureness.


Life is rushing onward from moment to moment. 



It’s onward rush is so visible,

but the next turn is unseen:

may that which is hidden

not fail you! Life Surprises us

with its un-predictableness.


If you be observant and vigilant,

You will see at every moment

the response to your action.

Be perceptive my love

for something is fashioned

in outcome of every action of our fickleness.


I have to ticket you my love,

to protect your humanness

from fading into nothingness.

May Luck be with you,

I am a Police Officer

to us is the sacrifice!…

Police Officer Writing Up Ticket

Police Officer Writing Up Ticket

Too many innocent lives are lost everyday due to speeding. Police officers as first responders witness the gruesome reality in its most raw form. Lets save ourselves and our protectors from trauma and observe speed limits.

© Samina Iqbal. 2014


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“Look out for each other. Remain vigilant, but know that Canada remains strong and free,” says the Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

(A terrorist attack occurred on October 22, 2014, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a Canadian soldier on ceremonial guard duty at the Canadian National War Memorial. He then launched an attack in the nearby Centre Block parliament building, where members of the Parliament of Canada were attending caucuses. Zehaf-Bibeau was killed inside the block in a gunfight with parliament security personnel. Following the shootings, the downtown core of Ottawa was placed on lockdown while police searched for any potential additional threats.)


Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson addressing the media after the attacks.

Addressing the media after the attacks Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said, 

“This is an unsettling event for all of us. Though we are calling on everyone to remain vigilant, I want to stress that you are safe. Your families are safe.

It is disheartening and frightening to anyone — police included — when a senseless act of violence takes place in Canada.

I would like to acknowledge the response of RCMP members, Parliamentary security and Ottawa Police officers, who rushed into a dangerous and volatile situation. We had a total of 400 resources deployed to Parliament Hill yesterday. This included investigators, intelligence, emergency response teams, technical support, crisis negotiators, incident commanders, tactical troops and more.

I realize there will be many questions regarding the RCMP’s role in protecting the Parliamentary precinct.

I can tell you, it is certainly a challenging security environment.

We must balance the need to be responsive to potential threats and risks to our Parliamentarians, their staff and the general public, with the freedom to allow for secure and democratic access in and around our institutions of government.

I want to close by thanking the public who respected and tolerated the security perimeters established in downtown Ottawa yesterday, along with the many other citizens who patiently waited in lock-down until the scene was secure.

There was a large volume of people at the scene of the incident and it took time to process them and ensure their safety.

Your co-operation was invaluable to officers who were trying to get a difficult job done under very stressful circumstances.

I also want to acknowledge the media who took time to sift through facts in order to provide timely and accurate information to the public.

We understand that when such terrible incidents happen, there is an appetite to know as much as possible — as soon as possible.

Trust that we want to provide you this information, but we also must respect protocol regarding notification of kin, along with protecting the integrity of the investigation of an incident that was still ongoing at the time.

Our investigation continues and is complex in scope. We will be increasing our uniformed presence for the immediate future by adding an additional rapid response capability.

Be assured we have the right people working to accomplish the large task at hand.

We ask for the public’s continued patience as we continue to investigate this matter.

These tragic events underscore how we all must take active measures to ensure we protect the safety and security of all Canadians.

Look out for each other. Remain vigilant, but know that Canada remains strong and free.

Stay safe.

Thank you.”

(Here are some photographs of our first responders and our protectors on the fateful day. These are the moments we must honor and salute our protectors and not sell them short. In these critical times we must extend our full cooperation and support to our brave heroes who keep Canada safe and free for us to live  and enjoy a safe and beautiful life.)



1023 Shooting 288.JPG














(My prayer for our RCMP heroes)

“If the divine powers take note of the dutiful in any way,

If there is any justice anywhere,

and a mind recognizing in itself what is right,

May the gods bring you your earned rewards”.

(Virgil, The Aeneid, Book 1, 1.603)

© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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Police officer buys mom a car seat instead of giving her a ticket


Such acts of kindness and compassion remind us of the importance of feelings of care for each other in society. Police officer sets an example that believing in goodness makes us better human beings than doing what is right all the time. Police officers set examples of greatness for us. We must support and thank them for their goodness. Samina.

Originally posted on kplr11.com:

cop buys car seat

EMMETT TOWNSHIP, Mich.–A Michigan police officer turned a traffic stop into an act of compassion.  Now he’s getting a lot of attention.

When he was called to respond to a report of a child in car without a car seat, he met young mom Alexis DeLorenzo and her 5-year-old daughter.

“When I spoke to [DeLorenzo] she was very forthcoming and knew that the child should be in a booster seat,” Officer Hall told FOX 17 News. “She admitted that she was wrong and that she had recently fallen on hard times.”

Instead of ticketing her, Hall told DeLorenzo to meet him at a nearby Walmart so he could buy her a booster seat.

Officer Hall says a ticket wouldn’t have solved the problem and that buying the seat was the easier $50 he’s ever spent.

“It’s something that anybody in the same position, in our position would do…I in no…

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(Blood-soaked master key…ready to be re-used)↑

A Police Officers’ biggest dilemma is to prevent the misuse of Master Key.





After a wearisome day, exhausted, feeble and on the final phase of life, the old tenant dropped on the bed. His wish and desire was a calm, peaceful sleep. The confidence in the security of the room and  faith in the lock seemed like a prayer come true. Suddenly, he heard a click on the door. To his absolute disbelief his locked door opened quietly and quickly, as if with divine intervention. He could not catch a glimpse of anyone, the room being dark, but could recognize a familiar odor of sweat, cigarette and bad breath. As the pungent smell grew stronger and stronger his identification of the person became vivid and visibly clear. He shouted out in a trembling voice, “I have paid my rent, then why are you here?” There was no answer. A hand with a plastic bag was fast approaching his face. In confusion and panic he pressed pre-programmed 911 on his cell. While the shadow was approaching he could hear the operator saying, “Police officer is on his way, just hold on and talk to us loudly.” In a distance sirens of police cars could be heard, as the shadow with the plastic bag withdrew in the dark.

The moment the master key is made our security is compromised. Timely intervention of a Police Officer is our only hope of survival.



Sometimes managers of buildings who have access to every room in the building being in possession of master keys, can compromise the safety and security of the people who live there. Managing capabilities are not obligatory in this situation. They are cold-hearted, well-calculated, merciless slayers who meet their preys with a smile and concern, and the same evening they take their breath of life away with no remorse or regret. A person with the master key can control the circumstances and the outcome of life of those living under the trust of a master key.

Master Key Set200

Master Key Set200

“If a key opens many locks, it’s a master key.” (unknown)

A master key operates a set of several locks. These master-keyed locks are configured to operate with two, or more, different keys; one which is specific to each lock (the change key) and cannot operate any of the others in the set, and the master key, which operates all the locks in the set. A common misconception is that Master keyed locks are more secure than single keyed locks. One standard 6 pin cylinder, which was designed to be operated by only one key, can be operated by up to 2^6=64 keys if there are two shear points in each chamber.



A lock is only as strong as the key that opens it and is protected and not compromised. A person who holds the master key holds in his hands the life of those whose locks can be opened, if their trust is betrayed their lives will be lost. A good master key holder will never see himself/herself worthy of trust again.



Floating key is the most perilous of all since it goes from hand to hand, place to place. It may not be the only floating key, there could be many for the same purpose. Floating key makes its pathway as an army tank. It multiplies in number and leaves a trail of devastation and deadliness behind.

In our time of passwords and other securities that can also be called master keys can have devastating effect on human life, if abused. As the security needs of today’s world are

Old key 1constantly evolving, the GPS tracking device and GPS tracking software are becoming more practical. Once only thought of as a tool for large businesses, the GPS tracking device is evolving as a cost effective solution to security and business management problems. Keeping track of master keys on any college/university campus’ or big businesses is a costly and time-consuming undertaking.  The use of a GPS tracking system and a GPS tracking device attached to every master key can eliminate the misplacement of keys and the possibility of those keys ending up in the wrong hands.  In the event a master key is lost, GPS tracking software can be used to pinpoint its exact location and allow administrators to quickly recover it.

Harm caused by one single master key can outweigh harm caused by any other weapon of destruction.

“A very little key will open a very heavy door.” Charles Dickens, Hunted down.

“The moon seemed to veil herself before the bold looks of Satan. The night was cold. All mmagethe doors were closed, all the windows darkened, and the streets deserted….. Everything around us bore a death-like aspect. It seemed as if, when day came, no one would open their doors; that no head, of woman or of child, would look out of those dark, dull windows; that no step would break the silence which fell, like a pall, upon all around…… At last we reached my house.

“You remember it?’ said the fiend

“Yes,’ replied I, sullenly, ‘let us enter.’

“First,’ said he, let us enter.’

“ First,’ ‘we must open the door. It is I, by the way, who invented the science of opening doors without breaking them in. In fact, I have a second key to all doors and gates-with one exception-that of Paradise!” -James Hain Friswell.


640px-Rubens_B116 (1614) Christ giving keys to St. Peters.

(Christ Presenting the Keys Of The Kingdom Of Heaven to St. Peters. Painting by Rubens 1614.)

© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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“When I was young my Father said the only two great professions in life were that of Policeman or a Fireman,” says John J. Rigo, Texas’ Poet and Commentator.

DSC_9468 TU copy

DSC_9468 TU copy. All ready to serve and protect.

My dear blogger friends, today’s post is based on the comments left on my “About” page by a great poet and a human being John J. Rigo, Texas’ Poet and Commentator (http://texaspoetry.net.). So rightfully, he recognizes and acknowledges the enormous impact of the generosity and caring attitude of Police Officers in his childhood. It surely is a pleasure to read these feelings of gratitude. Since I believe,  

“In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings we pay ourselves the highest tribute.” Thurgood Marshall.


Winner of the Collin County Texas’ Poetry Award, John J. Rigo

John J. Rigo, Texas’ Poet and Commentator (texaspoetry.net) says:

July 18, 2014 at 2:37 am (Edit)

“My greatest memories of police personnel is in Harlem, New York City as a child. My parents were very poor. Each Christmas, the Police organization of New York City “PAL” put on a free one day show for poor kids in the area with a two hour show, presents and candies. It was the only Christmas presents that my brother and I received for many years in my childhood. When I was young my Father said the only two great professions in life were that of fireman or a policeman. I was never neither, but always they held my admiration. One of my poetry works did involve the police personnel of the McKinney, Texas Police Department. Many of the men and woman printed the poem and carried it with them. It brought me great joy to learn of that.”

(This childhood experience of John J. Rigo highlights the kind nature and the spirit of giving of our Protectors. )

“Kindness is a magical spell-performed by enlightened beings-meant to enchant hearts and lift weary souls that they might fly.” Richelle E. Goodrich.

John J. Rigo, Texas’ Poet and Commentator further granted me permission to copy his poem and wrote, “The poem is in the heading of my blog site: http://texaspoetry.net. It is under a prayer to Saint Michael, the arc angel who is the saint of police, firefighters, emc personnel, and paratroopers. So I was told by the former police chief of the McKinney Police Department in Texas. You are welcomed to copy.”


“A Prayer to St. Michael, The Arch Angel” copyright 2009 by John J. Rigo, upcoming “Passion Amidst Apathy.”

Saint Michael
the Arch Angel
I come before you
a soul made in the image of our God and Lord.

Forgive this human form that I bring before you
which is but the temporary host of my soul.
I humbly ask you to be my Defender in overcoming
the temptations of the Devil that approach me each day
from my physical life on this earth.

Protect me and defend me so that I may bring
greater glory and worship to my God and Lord.
When death finally releases me from this world
be at my side as I approach the Lord of my future home.

I render you all my praise and joy in His name.
Oh Protector
that I wear about my neck each day
in rememberance of my prayer to you
keep me ever mindful of God’s Love for me.



“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” Leo Tolstoy.

(Thank you John J. Rigo (texaspoetry.net.) for sharing your personal childhood experience with us. I thank you for allowing me to copy your lovely poem. I honor and respect you. Samina.)

© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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“We exist to keep our citizens safe, and our communities secure. Happily Canadians are among the safest in the world,” says Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.

Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson-Canada’s Top Gun

Honoring and Recognizing the RCMP Officers’ services and sacrifices in keeping the Canadians safe, Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson pays a fitting and inspiring tribute to RCMP and says:

“Our police profession is an essential contributor to the Canadian experience — what we call — the Canadian way of life. We exist to keep our citizens safe, and our communities secure. Happily Canadians are among the safest in the world. This, in large part thanks to the work we do— you do — everyday, every night… all the time. Our work and perhaps more to the point HOW we do this work is the source of great interest to our citizens. Why? Because it must be done in a way that satisfies one overriding condition — respect for the  rights and freedoms guaranteed in our Charter.

It is no easy task to balance security and freedom, anyone in the business will tell you so. As my father used to say, “Believe you me.” It is an enormous, ongoing and life-altering challenge. Split second decisions, made on the fly, are unpacked and microscopically reviewed, sometimes for years. Judgments are made. Personal, professional and institutional reputations hang in the balance.

Today’s Canada demands that our police responses and strategies reflect the complexity, diversity and modernity of our communities. Public confidence, essential to the success of our mission, hangs in this balance.

Today we recognize and celebrate the men and women who not only understood and achieved this balance but built a career — made it their life’s work to forge new ways of securing our communities while ensuring every Canadian is as free as one can be in this life.

May your accomplishments inspire others to pick up the torch and continue the work of keeping Canada safe, secure and free.”


Distinguished RCMP Officers

© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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Police Officers Job-Most Valued and Esteemed Job.


Police Officers

The job of police officers is one of the most valued and esteemed jobs all over the world. They are perceived as heroes who are presumed to fight injustice and uphold peace and harmony in society. Whenever there is violence, larceny, burglary, and other problems, we are always confident that the police officer will come to our rescue.

“We have an incredible warrior class in this country-people in law enforcement, intelligence-and I thank God every night we have them standing fast to protect us from the tremendous amount of evil that exists in the world.” Brad Thor

“Not Just a Symbol”




The young man came forward, his face drawn and sad
And he held out his hand, displaying his badge.
The old chief rocked slowly and put his hands in his lap
And shook his head gently, and said, “What is this crap?”

The young cop sniffed, and from his eye wiped a tear,
“I’ve given you my best for almost one year.
But I make no difference, as I once thought I could,
There is far more evil out there than is good.”

The old chief stared up into the young rookie’s eyes
And tried to recall something clever and wise.
“Tell me” he said, to the once eager young cop.
“How many DUIs in a year have you popped?”

“Forty-two,” the rookie replied with great pride.
“And had you not, how many more might have died?
It’s not how many are arrested, now, is it?
It’s how many less accident scenes you must visit.”

The kid hung his head, and flexed his strong hands,
“But, sir,” he said, softly,” You don’t understand.
“We’re greatly outnumbered, the drugs are the worst,
The schools are like hell and the streets , they are cursed.”

“Dealers breed like damn roaches. On the kids, they all prey,
And even when arrested, they are out the next day.”
The old chief set his jaw, and tapped a red finger,
And on the young cop, his eyes sadly lingered.

“If one little kid cannot get connected,
If one pregnant junkie finds the strength to reject it,
If one lousy addict decides he can beat it,
If one crack-head in a million says I just don’t need it . . .

Then you have removed his greatest temptation,
If only for a night, it might be his salvation,
And wars are not won by those who say: Screw it.
They are won by the men who decide they can do it.

The rookie pulled up an old wooden chair
And running a hand through his shock of brown hair,
“But what about the children and poor battered wives?
Why can’t we stop it and fix all those lives?”

“Each time you set foot in that same, run-down house
Each time you go back to bust that same dirty louse,
For the children and wife, the violence has ceased,
If for only a few hours, you offer them peace.”

“You cannot dictate their sad chosen path,
You cannot stop his booze-laden wrath,
You can’t pack their belongings and cart them away
But you can prevent murder for just one more day.”

“But sir,” he said, his heart heavy like lead,
“I know there are dirtbags who wish I were dead,
But the public, the press, the politicians fling mud,
And who says thank you when we shed some blood?”

The chief pursed his lips, his answer unknown
For he knew it was this pain that hurt to the bone,
“There’s no easy answers for the ache that you feel,
But appreciation and praise just ain’t part of the deal.”

The respect, gratitude and admiration, too
Will not come from people who can’t do what we do.
You ask for a sense of honor and pride,
My advice, my son, is to look deep down inside.”

The young cop stared down at the badge in his hand
And he knew he would not resign as he planned,
For he saw the badge now as not just something he does,
It was not just a symbol . . . It’s what he was.

(Author unknown)





© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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Honors And Rewards Of Being A Police Officer




Police Officers are blessed with the opportunity to rescue lives every day. This may include pulling a drowning victim out of water, or getting someone involved in an accident the much-needed first aid and basic life support before paramedics arrive. Daily instances are innumerable. Most significantly, their simple presence and consistent implementation of laws save countless lives. They prevent so many mortalities in the making by checking speeding limits, breaking up the fights and timely responding to calls of domestic violence.


bildeA very tough aspect of a police officer’s job is that they often meet people when they are at their worst. People involved in substance abuse, gangsters, spousal abusers and people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs are the kinds of people they deal with on an everyday basis. The most gratifying characteristic of a police officer’s job is the distinctive chance they have to show these people an honorable way of life. They are usually an attentive audience and, if treated kindly and respectfully, will listen to what the police officers have to say. What police officers say and how they treat the criminal plays a huge role in helping them make better choices in the future.



“Difficulties Strengthen the mind as labor does the body.” (Seneca)

rcmpPolice officer’s job is an extremely challenging job. Police work invokes both intellectual and physical confronts. They pursue the criminals and outwit them. Their profession is most of the times about problem solving. Police officers often work with people in conflict and come up with mutually amenable solutions. A great deal of police work involves assisting people solve problems to keep them out of the criminal justice system. In the field, we have seen police officers serve as doctors, lawyers, Police-Officer-With-Children-657x245judges, counselors, babysitters, teachers, and the list continues.


????????For the police officers, it is an enormously satisfying feeling to know that their work serves a greater good.  There are plenty of personally rewarding aspects of police work, but the knowledge that what they do helps scores of people in the long run is perhaps the optimum reward.rcmp2© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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Police Officers Prayer



Police Officers are exceptional humans among humanity. They are endowed within them immense inner strength by means of which they are elevated above and given control of their nature to do with as they intend. Their aim is to reach the higher purpose of life by carrying their duties towards humanity in all honesty, to the best of their abilities.

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” (quoting Reverend Phillips Brooks during Remarks at Presidential Prayer Breakfast, February 7, 1963). –John F. Kennedy.

Here is a prayer Our Protectors offer before they set off to their Calling.





© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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My Hero, My Police Officer-Your Soul Beckons You



“Here is courage, mankind’s finest possession, here is the noblest prize that a young man can endeavor to win.” (Spartan poet Tyrtaeus)

Oh my hero,

my police officer,

As you set off to your calling,

Your soul is,

in a dilemma

by unendurable forewarning,



It beckons you to


guard yourself from your adversaries,

Outwit them

                                                                                     proceeding with vigilance

                                                                                            amidst their ensnarements.



But not to revel

when you triumph,

nor lay down lamenting

when you writhe,

in agonizing defeat,

Nor get over-ecstatic

in your ecstasies

or over-awed

in your grieves,

for to reach the limits of virtue

just learn,

what rhythm regulates

human affairs.



© Samina Iqbal. 2014


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Humble Commandant C.K. Ditti Kal addressing the graduating class of 2014.

The Commandant speaking at the annual convention of graduating class of 2014 said, “In the light of high cost of dental insurance, you will be required to keep your muzzles on at all times, except for lunch and dinner time. From now on, you will rely on your Judo and Karate skills to catch and nab the criminals. Money saved will be put in your pension scheme for a better pension, so that after retirement you don’t have to work in the circus as comedians”.

(Below is the Graduating K-9 class of 2014 with and without muzzles.)


033113 Forfeit CC3



safe-muzzle _44209919_416_3madrid_ap







Police Dog




Police dog

Assistant Commander C.E. Wulver Biddy a humble in charge of K-9 Pension department

© Samina Iqbal. 2014

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A Police Officer’s Prayer

Originally posted on Samina's Forum for police support:

BCSO-DC-595-113 BCSO-DC-595-113

The Policeman stood and faced his God,
Which must always come to pass.
He hoped his shoes were shining as brightly as his brass.
“Step forward now, officer. How shall I deal with You?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To my Church have you been true?”
The officer squared his shoulders and said,
“No, Lord, I guess I ain’t.
Cause those of us who carry badges can’t always be a saint.
But I never took a penny that wasn’t mine to keep,

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Though I worked a lot of overtime when the bills just got too steep.
And I never passed a cry for help, though at times I shook with fear.
And sometimes, God forgive me, I wept unmanly tears.
I know I don’t deserve a place among the people here.
They never wanted me around except to calm their fear.
If you’ve…

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“I’m always amazed and moved to tears about how committed the men and women who work for this organization are, who work for public safety,” says Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.



Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

Police are calling Wednesday, June 4, 2014,  the “Darkest Day” in the RCMP’s history in New Brunswick when three RCMP officers lost their lives and two were crucially wounded in the line of duty.

“I’m always amazed and moved to tears about how committed the men and women who work for this organization are, who work for public safety.” Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said the days ahead will be difficult for RCMP members across the country. ” We will need time to mourn our fallen brothers and support their families through this tragedy,” he said. ” Their deaths are beyond comprehension. Their ultimate sacrifices will never be forgotten.”

We are faced with a very painful reality that further strengthens our faith in our protectors and our guardians. We have lost part of ourselves but in God’s good time we will recover and heal and come out stronger than ever in support of our protectors so that such a tragedy must never happen again. May God receive them with kindness and grace for our blessings and prayers are with them and their grieving  families.

© Samina Iqbal. 2014


RCMP Officers (our heroes)

Profile of Leader Of The Nation-Police Officer
(Posted on February 10, 2013 by saminaiqbal27)

” to each there stands his own day;

to all the time of life is short and irretrievable;

but to extend one’s fame with deeds,

that is the task of valor”.

(Virgil, The Aeneid X. 467-9)

It is not possible for me to elaborate absolutely on the enormous role that the Police Force plays in society for the betterment of humanity. It would be vain of me to think of doing perfect justice to their continuous effort for refining their self and their perfectionistic spirit, to their profoundly realistic and moral fascinations to sense of duty and heroism, to their spiritual understanding of human life and death. They are the polished embodiments of the august and the righteous rulers of men. It would be difficult to fully unveil their unmitigated gifts of gentleness, and the ardent empathy with which they treat humanity by virtue of their nobility of thoughts. They are heroic men and women of the Police Force , and their dauntless nature makes them the grandest human beings. I present my modest effort.

The leading and the principal segment of the law enforcement agencies is the Police Force of any country. What makes a Nation take lead amongst the Nations of the world depends on its virtuous, honorable, principled, exceptional, dynamic and indomitable police force.

The law enforcement officers are the sole promise of hope for the innocent citizens. These are the officers who are continually in the forefront to fight the modern-day warfare in order to safeguard the citizens against harm and maintain public orderliness. The most important aspect of the police work is the knowledge and enforcement of the laws which have been passed by the lawmakers. Police officer is the foremost to make sure that our world remains safe and sound not only by enforcing laws on the citizens but also adhering to them by taking actions only permissible by the law. We have observed them check speed limits, offer counsel, write a ticket, issue a warning, or when mandatory, arrest someone. They preserve the “law and order” of society. There would be no order but absolute societal chaos without the law enforcement agencies keeping checks and balances in place.

The police officers deal with reality every moment of the day. When they receive a 911 call the officers’ effort is to get to the crime scene as quickly as possible. Their adversaries are their own fellow citizens who have chosen the wrong side of law, to live. These law breakers can resort to any means of violence to escape which could prove dangerous if they are carrying weapons or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Police officers are courageous and do not back away, and fight till the situation resolves in an amicable manner. They walk on thin line all the time protecting the innocent after all they are themselves also fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives and brothers and sisters. It is obligatory on society to recognize the magnitude of their role and safeguarding them from harm should be the responsibility of everyone, for harm to a single police officer is harm to the entire society.

Prerequisite to becoming a police officer starts at a very early age in their lives. A dynamic noticeable presence in school covering leadership qualities, academics and sports is a must for future protectors and leaders of the people. Police officers’ profession is like the occupation of educators and doctors who have genuine association with community life, and who perform a prominent role in social evolution, and reformation. The aspiration of the contemporary community policing crusade is to help to make even the down trodden neighborhoods look elegant and refined. They are presumed to be role models in the communities they grow within and are expected to set examples by performance to win the confidence and trust of the citizens within the neighborhood. Excellence and its pursuit is habit for the society’s truly visible public servants.

Whenever we hear a siren and notice a flashing light we know that a police officer is sent out in the direction where he is needed to protect someone in distress. The officer is cautioning everyone in the pathway to get out of the way and his crusade en route races towards defending a person from harm’s way whether from illness, assault or a gruesome situation. If the opposition is dangerous and irrational the officer is illumining as a well-lit target. The officer faces the enormous crises wholeheartedly and with immense spirit, knowing that it would be obligatory on his/her part to protect an innocent from harm. The officer does not negotiate his/her responsibilities but takes care of them by being ready for the ultimate sacrifice of his/her life in the line of duty. The moment when the officer stands between the impending harm and the innocent victims who look up to him/her like God and his protector on earth, is priceless. In the broader perspective, it is indeed The Police Officer who stands firm and tall in the middle of the advancing decadence and the defenseless society. Is there any procedure to evaluate the economic reward of this sublime reality?

Police officers’ job is both physically and intellectually demanding, and entails operating in wide-ranging unexpected environments and circumstances. Moments after shopping with their family, they could be giving directions to an off course motorist, aiding a senior cross a road, trying to resolve a domestic violence situation, or attempting to grab hold of a trained and unabashed shoplifter. A few instants later they could help deliver a baby on the roadside and in a while they could be apprehending an aggressive and disoriented drug dealer. Proceeding from one situation to another in a span of a short interval of time stipulates remarkable versatility and expertise. This demands flexibility, presence of mind, sound judgment, skill to switch from one situation to another, and tremendous diverse talent to deal with distinct situations in a commendable fashion. Everyday job also requires walking and standing for lengthy intervals, a stern physical demand with no rest or eating schedule. During investigations especially they can over exert for extended periods of time. Rushing after the law breakers and restraining them involves a lot of stamina, vigilance and endurance. The concept of service to people is so deep-seated that they are there for us twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to respond to every form of emergency. What would we do without their assistance during natural calamities or a terror threat? Their multifaceted job also requires them to control lose animals such as dogs, bears, cougars, coyotes and run away animals from the zoos. The physical and the mental exhaustion of the police work can influence police officers’ health in a very serious manner.

They are envisioned to have a sagacity of good judgment and a strong sense of conscientiousness while determining the fate of the citizens who depend on them for righteousness and impartiality. If an error in the evaluation has been made good police officers will rectify it immediately hence displaying a strong sense of fairness and justice which is built in as part of their character.

The stresses of the police officers’ line of work are immense, and on a continuing basis, their job being perilous and traumatic. A considerable danger of harm could be the result of contact with people whether in a social or official environment. According to the U.S department of labor, police officers have one of the highest rates of on-the-job injury and illness. It is commendable how they manage the countless trepidations of their job. They are required to keep the personal sentiments under firm control in the face of extreme danger despite the intensity and horrifying nature of the circumstance. Most of the images of battered, severed and dead bodies of men, women and children are horrific and heart wrenching. They are expected to survive impeccably through moments of rage, disappointment, disagreement, misconduct, bereavement, melancholy and agony. Some police officers become victims of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a physiological-psychological aftereffect of a traumatic event. These officers suffer from the repercussions of shootings and other unnerving images they witness everyday in their line of work in locations where danger never sleeps. We watch painful stories of police officers who have not only lost their jobs but also their families due to PTDC. On the job they display to have nerves of steel when confronted with the real tragedies of life every single moment of the day. This level of resilience and endurance makes them exceptional human beings. They are perfect men and women who endure the challenges of their life with poise and elegance since next to honor, courage is their greatest asset.

They observe the limits of self-discipline every moment since they know conquest of one’s self is a very sweet triumph which proves worthwhile in the long run. They talk to the criminals in a decisive and firm tone and at the same time turn around and talk to the victims of crime and their families in gentle and sympathetic manner, treating them with decency and dignity, offering them solace and comfort. They understand life and the world around us better than anyone of us, and are aware of the finest ways to live and also to teach people how to co-exist with honor. They are the epitomes of moral excellence.

The atmosphere created by the recent technological progresses has given rise to the culture of litigation making officers’ work a difficult challenge. It is true that every organization has righteous as well as depraved people but the majority of honorable police officers must not be judged in the light of deplorable actions of a few. It is important that we assert our utmost confidence in the institution of policing which stands out as the most prestigious and distinguished organization of our country. We must value the feeling that when we call 911 we know with complete assurance that some one will be there to be of assistance and that we are not without help. Is there a more satisfying feeling than this? For our safety they provide a visible presence to warn off criminals and consequently save us from harm and crime. Just envisage a life with no police to protect us?

The fast pace of technology has augmented more anxieties to the job of police officers since in this day and age they have to defend us from technologically innovative criminals. Technology has unlocked new avenues and generated new intricacies for the law enforcement especially in the past two decades. The look of the law enforcement is changing quickly with the enormous influence of technology. Most police departments have internet crime squads, and they are using new crime fighting technology to be more proficient since it allows them to keep pace with the criminals. Cutting-edge crime fighting techniques have become a must in combating sophisticated levels of crime.

Implementation of moralities is the long-standing function of police. In this way they influence every facet of human life. They keep the social and moral fabric of society intact and in the end whether our society remains in one piece or falls apart hinges on them and the strength we give them. I strongly feel that we need to support the police officers with all our means and in every way possible, since our very survival depends on this. We need them to lead us with their light of wisdom and guide us with their virtues since they are the righteous and honorable leaders of our nation.

Police officers who depart this life in the line of duty are often given grand funerals which are graced with the presence of large number of fellow officers. Watching the funeral of some of the finest and larger-than-life men and women of the world is always heartbreaking.

It will not be a bad notion that the next time you see a police officer do wave at him in an appreciating manner, pray for his wellbeing and if you can fully comprehend the intensity of his job and responsibility he accepts of protecting you, a Salute may be in order.

Finally, I would like to offer my salute to every police officer with the prayer:

“If the divine powers take note of the dutiful in any way,

If there is any justice anywhere,

and a mind recognizing in itself what is right,

May the gods bring you your earned rewards”.

(Virgil, The Aeneid, Book 1, 1.603)

(C) Samina Iqbal. 2014.

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Author’s Quote April 18, 2013

Originally posted on Samina's Forum for police support:

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- Bellevue Office... OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. — Bellevue Officer Jim Bartley, gets pounced on by Leda, a Lavista Police Dog, during a routine joint training with Offutt handlers and military working dogs on April 10. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Advice of a seasoned limping criminal to his aspiring-to-be-criminal

A military police working dog attacks. A military police working dog attacks. (Photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery)

young son, “Son, when you rob somebody, hold the loot tightly glued to your body and run full throttle, with the lightening speed like a glistening ghost of throbbing urgency. Soon, a moment will come when you will feel your body mass has turned into pure energy. That’s the moment, if you hear a Police Dog in a distance, or spot him on the horizon, drop the loot like a good habit, get your nose up and start climbing the nearest tree with the highest rate of climb you can muster. Now…

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Betrayal thy real name is thuggery-Police Officer is our only shield against it.

Originally posted on Samina's Forum for police support:

Saskatchewan, Canada: RCMP Sunset Retreat Ceremonies, Regina http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-

“Loving someone is giving them the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to.” Julianne Moore.



Once upon a time, not very long ago I witnessed a leopard frolicking with a tiny baby monkey on a dense branch of a tree. Baby monkey appeared petrified and scared, holding onto the branch as if he was glued to it. The leopard was cajoling and enticing the baby monkey to play with him and to trust him as a friend. Baby monkey could neither jump nor fly from the situation. All he could perceive was his fearful fate in the glaring eyes of the leopard, signaling the closing stages of his life. Eventually, the baby monkey lifted his tiny trembling finger to caress the leopard in a friendly, trusting way to alter the upshot. Like the strike of lightening, in a quick swipe of the leopard…

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