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Police Officer-A great Visionary

“You know the appointed end of all things, and all the ways. You know how many leaves the earth unfolds in spring, how many grains of sand are driven by storm, wind, and wave in the rivers and the sea. … Continue reading

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Police Officer-A Great Leveler

“Easy is the way down to the underworld: by night and by day dark Hades‘ door stands open; but to retrace one’s step and to make a way out to the upper air, that’s the task, that is the labor.” … Continue reading

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Profile of Leader Of The Nation-Police Officer

” to each there stands his own day; to all the time of life is short and irretrievable; but to extend one’s fame with deeds, that is the task of valor”. (Virgil, The Aeneid X. 467-9)   It is not possible … Continue reading

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