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Vancouver police officers credited with saving life of stabbing victim

Saving lives is one of the top priorities of Police Officers. We need to honor and support our protectors. Samina.

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Mutual Trust Is A Must For Effective Policing.

“Dear Police Officer, in a trusting and lasting relationship there is no room for Bear Spray, that you hold in your right hand”.  © Samina Iqbal. 2014.

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Don’t fight with the police

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Re: Please don’t taser me, I have heart problems It seems to be happening more and more that people think it is okay to fight with the police.  It’s not!  The police…

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Top Mountie (Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson) Turns To Women To Overhaul Front-line Policing.

“Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die, we have the spark that starts the fire.” (Rumi) “We need to increase women coming into the force, we need to increase women in the senior executive … Continue reading

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