Trying to understand

My prayer for every Police officer.

“If the divine powers take note of the dutiful in any way,

If there is any justice anywhere,

and a mind recognizing in itself what is right,

May the gods bring you your earned rewards”.

(Virgil, The Aeneid, Book 1, 1.603)

This poem has been written “In memory of fallen officers everywhere”

by: Daniel T. Dunbar



 “Is daddy coming home soon?” asks a precious little face.

“It’s past when he should be here.

Is he working on a case?”

Your dad’s not coming home son.

He’s working late tonight.

He’s a policeman up in heaven, making sure we’re all alright.

“But mommy, why’d he leave us?

I miss him when he’s gone.”

I know you miss him darling, but now we must be strong.

“Who’s gonna teach me baseball, and help me fly my kite.

And help me with my homework,

and buy me my first bike?”

Your daddy loved you darling, and he didn’t want to leave.

But a bad man took, your daddy, and left us all to grieve.

Be proud of who your dad was,

and how he earned his pay.

Because it’s people like your daddy

that keep us safe each day.

“Mommy, when I get bigger, and if it’s okay with you,

I’m gonna be like daddy, and be a policeman too.”



© Samina Iqbal. 2016

About samina iqbal

I am a free lance writer who loves to write on social issues in particular. I am a house wife and my husband Dr. Shams Iqbal offers all the support and encouragement so that I can pursue my passion for authorship and other cause which is dear to me. My lifelong mission in life is to offer my support for the police officers who need to be supported and protected by general public like us. My inspiration to do this comes from my personal experiences of some of the greatest police officers whom I have witnessed do great deeds for the good of humanity. I am so inspired and fascinated to support this law enforcement group. On the other hand I like music, movies specially classics, I am a fashion geek, English and American literature are my passions.
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5 Responses to Trying to understand

    • Thank you so much for honoring my posts by sharing with your blogging friends. I truly appreciate the honor. Take care and God bless. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rifleman III says:

        Samina, Samina. It is always a pleasure, and I must confess… I recently emailed friends about your blog, and you had 33 hits. You sowed good seeds with your blog, and you brought in a very large harvest. In today’s times, and volatile climate, more people need to see what it takes to wear the badge, as most only know from a television program, and your blog, is from cops, directly.
        You earned, as far as I am concerned, an Excellent Police Duty medal for good work.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you, thank you so much for such a lovely comment about my blog and myself. I am highly obliged. Such an encouragement is worthy of respect and I already feel I have received the medal for Excellent Police Duty for good work. My spirits are high and I intend to put in my very best in the blog since this worthy cause is very close to my heart. Larger than life and the best human beings among us-police officers, deserve our support and honor. Thanks once again and its always a pleasure to hear from you. Take care and God bless.


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