Police officer buys mom a car seat instead of giving her a ticket

Such acts of kindness and compassion remind us of the importance of feelings of care for each other in society. Police officer sets an example that believing in goodness makes us better human beings than doing what is right all the time. Police officers set examples of greatness for us. We must support and thank them for their goodness. Samina.

About samina iqbal

I am a free lance writer who loves to write on social issues in particular. I am a house wife and my husband Dr. Shams Iqbal offers all the support and encouragement so that I can pursue my passion for authorship and other cause which is dear to me. My lifelong mission in life is to offer my support for the police officers who need to be supported and protected by general public like us. My inspiration to do this comes from my personal experiences of some of the greatest police officers whom I have witnessed do great deeds for the good of humanity. I am so inspired and fascinated to support this law enforcement group. On the other hand I like music, movies specially classics, I am a fashion geek, English and American literature are my passions.
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15 Responses to Police officer buys mom a car seat instead of giving her a ticket

  1. God bless his noble soul. he is so right, giving her ticket would not have been the solution! what a heart!

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  2. Harbans says:

    Just refreshingly original and commendable thoughts. Compassion speaks louder without a single word spoken.


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    • Hi Harbans and I must apologize for the late reply. I agree with you 100%. Whenever there are cases where a police officer can sense genuine problem, forgiveness, compassion and reform has to be the call of the heart. Nothing touches a person more than these gestures. Take care and God bless.😃

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      • Harbans says:

        My sincere thanks for your wisdom filled words. Compassion is the need of the hour and when it comes to our law enforcement agencies, they need it besides forgiveness and understanding the problem in hand.




  3. whazzup? where are you?


  4. reocochran says:

    This is a great idea, sometime giving and helping is better than punishment. Wonderful reblog of a great post, Samina!


    • Thanks Robin. For a police officer, reform and the spirit of giving is much more important than punishing where genuine cases come up. This is an excellent example of such a spirit. Take care my friend.


  5. What a wonderful person and a beautiful, uplifting story! So inspiring.

    Hope you are very well and happy these days, my dear Samina!


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    • Thank so much Kathryn. This is indeed a very inspiring story since punishment does not solve all problems. Kind acts of compassion leave an everlasting impact on our minds. I am well and happy. Thanks so much for asking. I got a little too busy with my investigative journalism and hence, I have not been regular in going to my favorite blogs and also have not been responding to my lovely bloggers comments. I apologize for this. Thanks for the concern and care my friend. Be blessed. 😃


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