Police Officer Responds to ‘Vicious Dog’ Call, Ends Up With New Best Friend

Police officers are our everyday heroes and we honor them for protecting us all.

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Officer Waskiewicz and Bo. Photo courtesy of Baltimore Humane Society.

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Christopher O’Connor

When Baltimore Police officer Dan Waskiewicz responded to a ‘vicious dog’ call, what he found instead was a new best friend!

When he arrived on scene, officer Waskiewicz found a frightened, obviously neglected pit bull, being chased by children that were yelling and throwing bottles at him. He called the scared dog over, his tail tucked between his legs and panting heavily, and offered him some water. The so-called ‘vicious dog’ quickly sat down beside him and began licking his pants. Realizing the pit bull was no threat, he put the dog into his squad car – that’s when the real kisses began!

Rather than call animal control, who Waskiewicz feared would euthanize the affectionate dog, he drove him to the local animal shelter himself. During the ride, the pit bull sat…

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About samina iqbal

I am a free lance writer who loves to write on social issues in particular. I am a house wife and my husband Dr. Shams Iqbal offers all the support and encouragement so that I can pursue my passion for authorship and other cause which is dear to me. My lifelong mission in life is to offer my support for the police officers who need to be supported and protected by general public like us. My inspiration to do this comes from my personal experiences of some of the greatest police officers whom I have witnessed do great deeds for the good of humanity. I am so inspired and fascinated to support this law enforcement group. On the other hand I like music, movies specially classics, I am a fashion geek, English and American literature are my passions.
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5 Responses to Police Officer Responds to ‘Vicious Dog’ Call, Ends Up With New Best Friend

  1. What a great story, Samina. Thank you so much for sharing, my friend. I hope you’re doing well.


  2. thank God that some one called the police to capture the “vicious dog” in place of killing it themselves.

    God bless that brave fellow, he did had quite a huge chance of being bitten… if you know scared animals…


  3. Hi Samina , Wonderful heartwarming story.I hope the many will read the post and save dogs from being put to sleep.Blessings jalal


  4. where are you???
    is everything alright?


    • I was about to write to you my dear friend. I have been very very occupied due to some health issues of my close in laws. A heart bypass and so on of my mother in law. I am taking care of her. I will be back in full shortly but this month will be a little hard for me. Anyways I will catch up soon since she is getting better. Missed you very much. I will be posting a new post right now. I hope you like it. Love and hugs to you. See you soon.


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