Author’s Quote April 18, 2013

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- Bellevue Office...

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. — Bellevue Officer Jim Bartley, gets pounced on by Leda, a Lavista Police Dog, during a routine joint training with Offutt handlers and military working dogs on April 10. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Advice of a seasoned limping criminal to his aspiring-to-be-criminal

A military police working dog attacks.

A military police working dog attacks. (Photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery)

young son, “Son, when you rob somebody, hold the loot tightly glued to your body and run full throttle, with the lightening speed like a glistening ghost of throbbing urgency. Soon, a moment will come when you will feel your body mass has turned into pure energy. That’s the moment, if you hear a Police Dog in a distance, or spot him on the horizon, drop the loot like a good habit, get your nose up and start climbing the nearest tree with the highest rate of climb you can muster. Now it is not the speed it is the altitude that matters. 

© Samina Iqbal. 2013

A military police working dog attacks.

A military police working dog attacks. (Photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery)

About samina iqbal

I am a free lance writer who loves to write on social issues in particular. I am a house wife and my husband Dr. Shams Iqbal offers all the support and encouragement so that I can pursue my passion for authorship and other cause which is dear to me. My lifelong mission in life is to offer my support for the police officers who need to be supported and protected by general public like us. My inspiration to do this comes from my personal experiences of some of the greatest police officers whom I have witnessed do great deeds for the good of humanity. I am so inspired and fascinated to support this law enforcement group. On the other hand I like music, movies specially classics, I am a fashion geek, English and American literature are my passions.
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10 Responses to Author’s Quote April 18, 2013

  1. priceless suggestions!


  2. These dogs are amazing!


  3. Yes Jill they are. These dogs are attack dogs. In the past they were trained to” bark and hold” the suspect. Now they are trained to “bite and hold”. With criminals being so vicious these days, police dogs do a great job for the police officers. They are trained in special police dog training academies. So nice that due to blogging I am learning so much which otherwise I would not have. Have a great day and thanks for visiting.


  4. “Bite and hold” is certainly needed with the criminals these days. I work for the police department, so I’m aware of how amazing these animals are. Your post did an excellent job of spotlighting them. 🙂


  5. Thank you so much for such a nice comment coming from you Jill since you know much more than me. It is a great compliment. I respect and admire people working for the police. I think they are great human beings and our world will not be safe and beautiful without their services to humanity. I am so glad to know you work for the police department, doubles my pleasure of knowing you.


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