Brave VS the Bully.

A police officer keeps a nuisance alligator at bay in South Florida.                           .CONTACT Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or

“I am a brave Police Officer and you are a shallow, show off bully alligator.  I have the gun, what do you have? Things are tough all over. Beat it before I knock those teeth out.”

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Police Officer Responds to ‘Vicious Dog’ Call, Ends Up With New Best Friend


Police officers are our everyday heroes and we honor them for protecting us all.

Originally posted on Our Compass:

Officer Waskiewicz and Bo. Photo courtesy of Baltimore Humane Society.

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Christopher O’Connor

When Baltimore Police officer Dan Waskiewicz responded to a ‘vicious dog’ call, what he found instead was a new best friend!

When he arrived on scene, officer Waskiewicz found a frightened, obviously neglected pit bull, being chased by children that were yelling and throwing bottles at him. He called the scared dog over, his tail tucked between his legs and panting heavily, and offered him some water. The so-called ‘vicious dog’ quickly sat down beside him and began licking his pants. Realizing the pit bull was no threat, he put the dog into his squad car – that’s when the real kisses began!

Rather than call animal control, who Waskiewicz feared would euthanize the affectionate dog, he drove him to the local animal shelter himself. During the ride, the pit bull sat…

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“Without the public trust, you are not going to be effective in your core business”, emphasizes the Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.

Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, talks about his number one challenge, and says,

Public trust. I don’t think people know how urgent it is in our organization. I’ve had officers say to me when I travel that they don’t like to talk about what they do sometimes when they go to new areas, when they are with their neighbors….The lion’s share of our members and employees, day in day out, come in and do enormous public service to Canadians. I can’t be seen as the new leader to be running around and saying the place is falling down. I have to be persuasive in making the case to everybody, those 90 percent of employees, and say I can’t do this by myself. So all of us got to go to those folks and we got to knock ‘em on the head….Without the public trust, you are not going to be effective in your core business. If people don’t have some confidence in our ability to close investigations-market enforcement investigations, homicide, and organized crime cases-they are not going to participate.”



© Samina Iqbal. 2014.

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I’m A Standing Guard In The Line Of Duty For I am A POLICE OFFICER.

 My duty is whatsoever

the moment in time,

summonses for me.

Readiness is all, for me.

I’m standing proud and tall,

Where I can catch my Call.

 My ecstasy and my

moral obligations,

Are inseparable companions

As straight is my line

of duty,

 No curves no fantasy.


As the wise say

Incoming fire has a

right of way,

So behind me, you stay, 

 Your enemy is in my range

I will be in his way.


I’m a commander in the field

I know that I am right.

Let me be your guide,

and your lead.

I will not let you give up

Without an honest fight.


The power that I’m

blessed with,

Is the test of my greatness.

So worthy for me to muse,

A longer life I do not choose

Over a life of nobleness.


I will walk you

through safe passages,

Hold on to me, wipe your tears  

Let go of your continual fears,

Since Trustworthiness is

the Essence of my being.


My integrity, my valor

Are my virtues, and my bliss,

All for you.

I am your hero with the yen

To safeguard and protect your life,

At whatever the price.

© Samina Iqbal. 2014


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Vancouver police officers credited with saving life of stabbing victim


Saving lives is one of the top priorities of Police Officers. We need to honor and support our protectors. Samina.

Originally posted on Global News:

Vancouver Coastal Health says the quick action of police officers in a stabbing last Friday saved a man’s life.

Officers were quickly at the scene of a fight between the two men at Main and Cordova Street. They found a victim on the ground suffering from a serious stab wound, and applied a tourniquet to the victim’s upper arm, stemming the flow of blood.

“If the VPD member(s) had not deployed his (tourniquet) in an attempt to attenuate the bleeding, the patient would not have survived,” said Dr. Erik Vu of Vancouver Coastal Health.

“It isn’t often VPD is given credit for saving a life – but this officer, and the training he received from you and Force Options, deserves a lot of the credit that kept this individual alive.”

Police believe the attack was targeted, but no charges have yet been laid. A suspect in the case was…

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Mutual Trust Is A Must For Effective Policing.

“Dear Police Officer, in a trusting and lasting relationship there is no room for Bear Spray, that you hold in your right hand”. 

© Samina Iqbal. 2014.

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Don’t fight with the police


Excellent article that touches upon the issue that is becoming more and more crucial with time. I fully agree with erinjcs that Police have a job to do and they need to be respected. We must honor and respect our protectors and try to be of help to them whenever we can rather than hinder them in any way.

Originally posted on Dude, Don't Do That:


Re: Please don’t taser me, I have heart problems

It seems to be happening more and more that people think it is okay to fight with the police.  It’s not!  The police have a job to do and they need to be respected.  We should be standing up for them on issues like this – since the only reason they even have to use tasers is to protect society from people who cannot be controlled in other ways.

Why should a police officer have to weigh in with uncontrollable troublemakers and risk getting walloped or injured when they can use another safe mechanism that allows them to keep their distance?  There are hundreds of police officers that are killed or injured on the job each year while on the job protecting our cities/towns because of individuals that think that it is okay to resist them.

Tasers save lives and do…

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Top Mountie (Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson) Turns To Women To Overhaul Front-line Policing.

“Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die, we have the spark that starts the fire.” (Rumi)

“We need to increase women coming into the force, we need to increase women in the senior executive ranks,” Commissioner Paulson said, explaining his goal is to have “more women in our decision-making process”. He further emphasized, “The value of having women in a Police Role is that you take the interaction with a citizen away from the Force Dynamic, and you put it in the behavior, Thoughtful Dynamic. It is quite a Powerful Force to be reckoned with. We have this sort of traditional notion that we are wrestling people, jumping on people, putting handcuffs on people. The woman’s view of the world is a much more Powerful, Persuasive Force than just an arm around the neck.”

Canada’s Top Cop pledged to increase the number of female recruits, and to promote more women to senior ranks. Commissioner Paulson said he wants half of all recruits to be women within two years to help reach the goal of having a national police force that is 30%  female by 2025.

© Samina Iqbal, 2014

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Here’s to You 17E23


This is a touching tribute of a Police officer for a fellow Police officer lost in the line of duty. Loss of a Police officer is a tremendous loss not only for the family and friends of the Officer but the whole society. Law enforcement officers are special human beings. In the words of the author of the story, “My hat goes off to the men and women working in law enforcement. In that line of work, you develop relationships that are closer than the regular co-worker relationships and when something tragic happens, it cuts just a little deeper than normal.”

Originally posted on Past, Present, & Future:


I saw on my Facebook tonight that a few friends have posted regarding the upcoming execution of Edgar Tamayo on 01/22/14. This is 20 years after he killed my friend Guy Gaddis. Dave Bush and I were riding the unit 17E14 that night. I later went on to ride with Craig Hensarling on 17E10 for a little over a year but I stayed in that beat because I loved the officers I worked with. 17 district was broken up into 4 beats; 10′s, 20′s, 30′s, and 40′s….hence 17 E (identifying Beechnut substation) and whatever beat, early side or late side. Early side units were even numbers and odd numbers were late side.

Guy Gaddis was one of the hardest working officers I ever knew. Just like the rest of us, at the end of every shift, his boots had mud on them and his uniform that had been clean at 11pm looked like he’d rolled around on the ground a couple times…

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Young Police K-9′s to catch young offenders-An Individualized Approach To Combat Crime, Inspired By Wisdom and Driven By Necessity.

In the light of surge in candy stealing by young offenders, Police has trained young puppies to apprehend young offenders and to take away stolen candies from their pockets. The action will be taped on video and puppies themselves will take the tape and the offender to the court.

police pups001 German Shepherd police pups

New cadets-first day of training away from their parents

© Samina Iqbal, 2014

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My Vision Is Everything For Me-Since I Am A Police Officer

I am on watch, for you.

On guard, for the finest moments,

Of your life, for you.

My vision can perceive via,

The sea of curtains, and the human soul.

My cloudless vision can see,

Through your deeds,

And all before me,

Grandeur or peril, nevertheless,

I go ahead to meet regardless.

I treasure my visions,

and my aspirations,

Since, they are the epitomes of my soul.

My vision of excellence pursues,

In whatsoever my cognizance ensues.

 I have a dream of a blissful tomorrow,

For you,

Protected and serene,

My vision is not a daydream.

It is as real,

As the moon, the stars, the sunrise,

And twinkle in your eyes.

I am the vision of your today,

And tomorrows to come.

My love, my spirit, and my fortification

are my gifts for you,

Oh! Yes my blessings,

 And my prayers too.

The Vision of Daniel

The Vision of Daniel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

© Samina Iqbal, 2014

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Warm wishes for my blogger friends and everyone for the New Year 2014


“When life gives you a thousand

reasons to cry…..

Show that you have a million

reasons to smile.”

(Author unknown)

“Yesterday is gone,

and its tale told.

Today new seeds,

are growing.”


May you always be received with kindness and grace,

May you always have hope, and hope for better days. 

© Samina Iqbal. 2013

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“ a leader would go about trying to set the organization straight”, Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson Teaches Us.

Commissioner Bob Paulson

Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

“I’ve had discussions with colleagues around the sense of urgency we need to attach. Like the military in post-Somalia. I’ve talked to some colleagues in the military there and tried to understand how a leader would go about trying to set the organization straight. That’s really how I marketed myself during these interviews that went on for the selection of Commissioner. You describe failures upon failures upon failures. This will sound inappropriate, but I’ll say I watched those from a distance until I got into the senior executive…..because my experience has been success upon success upon success. Not because of me but because of the teams I was lucky enough to be a part of. And it was incredible. It was remarkable. When you are able to pull together a bunch of people and deliver a really complex and “Cadillac” piece of policing, for Canadians, it’s like no other feeling in the world. I’ve flown airplanes upside down at 200 feet, at 300 knots and that’s exciting, but it’s not near as exciting as being able to deliver one of these big cases. Real, significant change, to use perhaps a bad metaphor, will be only attainable when you clear cut….there has to be some removal of any stain of former sort of ethos, or culture, or value system. I don’t think you do that overnight. But I think you can do that in the very near term if you are consistent by making things simple and clear and making sure people in the organization get it.”

© Samina Iqbal. 2013

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Inner Peace Awards

I dedicate these Inner Peace Awards to the Police Officers who I believe are the greatest Peacekeepers and Peacemakers not only at the Local, and National but also International level. Sometimes their efforts and strive to bring about Peace for us comes at a cost of loss of their own Inner Peace. I salute them for their sacrifices towards making this world a better, peaceful place for us to live.

“Law Enforcement Officers are never ‘off duty’, they are dedicated public servants who are sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that the Peace is threatened. They need all the help that they can get.” (Barbara Boxer)

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to two people who have nominated me for the prestigious Inner Peace Awards. Without a doubt they are both ambassadors of Peace since they inspire us with their beautiful blogs.

ipaMany thanks to Alix & Roxane from “Tails from Paris” for nominating my blog for this prestigious Blog Award.


My heartfelt thanks to my dearest blogger friend Ellie at  Ellie  for nominating my blog for this prestigious award. 

The only ‘rule’ for the Inner Peace Award is that you please share some kind words with that person and write a short piece on why you are accepting the Inner Peace Award.

I believe that it is important for our souls to have Inner Peace. We all must promote it further and spread it all around us.  I also strongly believe that without Peace within, there cannot be Peace without. We cannot start a movement for Peace since we are all in a learning process. On an individual basis, I think we can all make a little difference to this world by writing about peace and promoting it through our blogs.

“We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at Peace.” (Elizabeth Gilbert. Eat, Pray, Love)

We all have our moments of Inner Peace. We may not have words for these experiences, so we may not recognize them for what they are. Most of us have had deeply meaningful, incredible experiences, experiences that have transformed our lives in momentous ways. We are all spiritualists, although we may use different terms for what hold’s life’s mysteries and deepest connotations for each of us.

At times we sense the presence of goodness and Inner Peace in a direct way. Time and again that presence exhibits itself in an indirect way-as an unlocking of the heart, a spurt of happiness, an expansion of affection, or feelings of profound benevolence. We may also intensely feel goodness in grief, during phases of loss as well as times of pleasure.

The majority of us have confidence in that we are all right as we are and we need not do anything for the attainment of Inner Peace. We just need a little more prosperity, a little more love, a little more relaxing time, than we will be just fine. But the wise believe that this is afar from the truth. We all need significant transformation, and we need to emerge into a whole new level of being in our quest for Inner Peace. Lest we acknowledge the deep, transformational nature of the effort we ought to do, we are destined to waste all our strives.

The wise avow that our sense of individualism is an illusion and a great hinderance in our attainment of Inner Peace. Self-transformation is to eliminate all illusions, together with the final illusion, Self, to experience Inner Peace.

“The greatest degree of Inner Tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being”. Dalai Lama.

If you could get rid

Of yourself just once,

The secret of secrets

Would open to you.

The face of the unknown,

Hidden beyond the universe

Would appear on the

mirror of your perception.


This is where the inner peace unfolds, the peace known as the serenity of the heart. All of a sudden it becomes agonizingly obvious to me that there is in reality simply one and only way to Inner Peace –total renunciation of oneself. It is a difficult task since we will have to shun selfishness. But the reward of it is honorable and greater–Inner Peace. Thinking beyond oneself can give us Inner peace and will bring Peace to the world we live in, since most of the problems in the world are related to selfishness and our non caring attitude for the other humans.

“No one can find Inner Peace except by working, not in a self-centered way, but for the whole human family”. Peace Pilgrim.

All of you have beautiful souls where resides the precious Inner Peace. It is clear in your inspiring words and lovely thoughts that you share on your blogs.

Thank you, for being your beautiful selves my friends.

My blogger friends, I give all of you the Inner Peace Awards. I would like to  thank each one of you for your lovely comments, the follows, your kind words and the beautiful and inspirational thoughts that you share with us all.

Please feel free to accept these Awards and add them on your blog. There is just one rule. When you pass the awards on, please share some kind words with that person, and write a piece on why you are accepting these awards.

Congratulations and Cheers!!! to all my blogger friends and May you all be blessed with Inner Peace. 

 © Samina Iqbal. 2013

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The Shooting

A heart wrenching story of a Police Officer being shot while on duty. The story is told by his wife Isadora. We must recognize the fact that every time our protector sets out for work he puts his life on line-to serve and protect us. Let’s honor him and pray for his safety, since he has a family to look after too. Samina

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Anger Management Program For Police K-9 Units


                                               Jonathan D. Cockin (below)

Before (anger management program)                     After (anger management program)                                                                                           

AngroMeter Reading 10/10 Max
Blood Report 100% Anger Particles
Blood color: Dark Red
Diet: 6 lbs Chuck (Raw)
Weight: 88 lbs.


Angrometer Reading: 0/10 min.
Blood Report: 0% Anger Particles.
Blood Color: Yellowish Red.
Diet: Two Dozen Bananas (peeled).
Weight: 60 lbs.
28 lbs of Loss of Anger.

Dean of Anger Management Program Richard C.K. O’Brien II  (Above) addresses the incoming class of 2013 (below)

“Anger is a poison that kills without notice. Love of my life, and my bride to be Dorothy C. P. Edmundboury left me at the alter and disappeared leaving a thin trail of dust on the horizon, when she saw me barking angrily at Bruce the Butler for licking our wedding cake before the guests had a chance. What a price to pay for a little show of temper Ahhhhh!!!. Now coming to our recent graduate Cockin. Splendid Cockin splendid for losing 28 lbs of Anger in three months, a new horizon! Now you incoming class of 2013, You have to do just like Cockin and graduate with a banana in your mouth.”

Incoming class of 2013 below

(From L to R ) Oliver Jenkin, Anthony Taylor, Kingsley Wood,
(Second Row) Harrison Tomkin, and Kid Shelleen from North Gibralter.

© Samina Iqbal. 2013

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A very touching and brave story of a Police Officer’s wife whose husband got shot while on duty. It gives us an insight into what the loved ones of our Protectors go through on a daily basis. We must support and honor our Protectors and their families. Samina.

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“Most sexual offences go to a power issue than anything else.” Says Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.

The  Top Cop Of Canada identifies the core issues that need to be addressed within the Police culture regarding female harassment.  He speaks on how he intends to deal with these vital issues and says:

“One is the process that I’ve announced-centralizing the process in terms of having a more immediate and meaningful oversight in terms of how these things are handled. The second issue is the behaviors. The behaviors of the people who give rise to these complaints in the first place. That is really the heart of the challenge, I think, in terms of making meaningful changes right across the organization. The harassment issue is a bigger, broader issue-and it goes right to the heart of the problem with the organization’s culture, which is how authority is misunderstood to be power in its application. It seems to me we are weak in our leadership area, how people, leaders, come to understand their duties, their responsibilities. Most sexual offences go to a power issue rather than anything else. Similarly the rest of the harassment cases, I think, also feature that sort of misuse of power. Two of my priorities are accountability and leadership. These are very simple but broad areas to be improved within the organization. Leaders have to take action on things when things go wrong-quickly.”

Constable Deanna Hagen receives Commendation for Bravery.

Constable Deanna Hagen receives Commendation for Bravery from Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson..

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“Uncle Police Officer take me home, I want to go home”-A kidnapped child’s plea to a Police Officer.

(This post is dedicated to the memory of Anna who was just three years old when she was kidnapped and killed by strangers. Her sister a ten-year old (who was also kidnapped with Anna) escaped to tell Anna’s story.)

Through the cracks in the door and walls,

I try to look for my defender around.

My vision is blurry,

and I hear no sound.

Dear Police Officer, I am all alone,

Please come I want to go home,

Please take me home,

A Laurel police officer carries a child to safety

A Laurel police officer carries a child to safety

to my beautiful home.

Uncle Police Officer take me,

to my mother, and to my father.

My captors give me nothing to eat,

to my sorrow and my grief.

 I cry alone and my body aches,

when they call my name I tremble and shake.

I meet people I have never seen or known,

They hurt me for reasons unknown.

I am too weak and frail,

My short life will end with no trail.

I lived like a drop of dew poured by the night,

And dried by the touch of the light.

My soul is hastening towards eternity,

This day will be sadness for humanity.

Is this the life of men? the life of nations?

the life of suns? the moons? the stars?

the life of innocent children?

and all creations?

Uncle Police Officer come soon to me,

Be just to me, or call death,

To un-shackle me,

For justice is your glory.

Millions of children are abducted every year the world over for ransom, illegal adoption, human trafficking which includes slavery, forced labor, sexual abuse, or even illegal organ trading, and murder. Any crime against a child is the deepest and the ugliest scar on the face of humanity.

“So long as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in this world.”
– Isadora Duncan

© Samina Iqbal. 2013

Many police officers have children of their own and are just trying to provide for them.

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Betrayal thy real name is thuggery-Police Officer is our only shield against it.

Saskatchewan, Canada: RCMP Sunset Retreat Ceremonies, Regina

“Loving someone is giving them the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to.” Julianne Moore.

Once upon a time, not very long ago I witnessed a leopard frolicking with a tiny baby monkey on a dense branch of a tree. Baby monkey appeared petrified and scared, holding onto the branch as if he was glued to it. The leopard was cajoling and enticing the baby monkey to play with him and to trust him as a friend. Baby monkey could neither jump nor fly from the situation. All he could perceive was his fearful fate in the glaring eyes of the leopard, signaling the closing stages of his life. Eventually, the baby monkey lifted his tiny trembling finger to caress the leopard in a friendly, trusting way to alter the upshot. Like the strike of lightening, in a quick swipe of the leopard, the baby monkey vanished from the scene. The next scene that I beheld was callously graphic, as I saw the leopard licking the last drops of the baby monkey’s blood off the branch. In the human world this act of the leopard is called Thuggery. When someone gains your trust and deludes you into believing to be your friend only to deceive you, betray you and finally kill you. This betrayal is thuggery.

File:Thugs Strangling Traveller.jpg

Thuggee is a cult of people engaged in mass murder and thugs is an organized gang of professional assassins. The thugs travelled in groups across India for several years. They would join travellers and gain their trust, would rob them of valuables and bury their bodies. According to the Guinness Book of Records the cult was responsible for approximately two million deaths. A thug gang leader Behram is considered to be the world’s most prolific serial killer, blamed for 931 killings between 1790 and 1830.

This world can be a paradise when we feel affection for one another, and sanctify one another, oblige one another, and become means for one another’s inner evolution and redemption. This world can also be a hell in which we undergo sorrow, betrayal, loss of affection, and absence of caring.

Trust is something easy to talk of, but hard to practice. We have trust in our lawyers when there is a licit problem, and lay even greater trust in our doctors when we are unwell. We have trust that our money will safeguard us, and trust that our own intellect will rescue us from problems. When that trust is betrayed we are shattered, we stumble, and we fall.

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” (Suzanne Collins, The hunger games)

Nowadays, thuggery has penetrated every aspect of life. We see it being glorified on our streets. The violence, the looting, the theft, and the level of criminality displayed by young and adults on the streets are all different forms of thuggery. Our society is creating young thugs very quickly, in the sense that we create and tolerate those circumstances that make thuggery more likely to stem from. Some people make large amounts of money in the processes that keep re-creating those negative conditions where thuggery thrives.

Personal interest and insensitivity to human decency is the hallmark of thuggery. When gain is the only motive, all other relationships and responsibilities can be sacrificed. Thuggery in personal relationships, business relationships, political relationships, and all other forms of relationships create an atmosphere of betrayal, lack of trust and ruthlessness. It has also become commonplace for the worthless political struggles. When politicians intimidate and physically attack each other, it is an assurance that the truth is not on their side.

Thuggery has affected sanctity of relationships in a family that is a nucleus of any society. When the nucleus gets shattered, every relationship withers away. Negative forces take full benefit of these chaotic situations and lure the society further into a direction where everyone is exploited and so the system becomes corrupt. In this situation a police officer’s authority must triumph and be guarded and his judgments must be honored. Since his involvement with society is so profound, he can come up with a better solution than any other group.

Modern day Thuggery has exogenous sources. It flourishes in places where some people are often treated unjustly and worse under the law, where schools are poor and badly run money drains, where incarceration rates are high, where outsiders push drugs, and where sex trafficking and other forms of crime thrives.

“Thus does the first touch of humanity’s selfishness make criminals of the humble, and make killers of the sons of peace; thus does the early greed of humanity grow and strike back at humanity a thousand-fold!” 

(Khalil Gibran, “The Criminal”)

Transnational organized crime that manifests in many forms is thuggery, such as trafficking in drugs, firearms and even persons. Every year, innumerable people lose their lives as a result of the unprincipled techniques of human traffickers and migrant importers. It can infiltrate government agencies and institutions, powering corruption, penetrating business and politics, and hampering fiscal and societal growth. And it is weakening governance by sanctioning those who function outside the law and put real thuggery in action.

Virtually every country in the world is affected by these crimes of thuggery. Our only defense against all forms of thuggery is a well-trained Police Officer with authority who is one of the most valuable assets of a society today or even centuries ago.

A beautiful night full of stars is only beautiful when we can safely sleep-through the night without the fear of thugs, and that safety can only be guaranteed by the Police Officer.

We cannot delay action in this dire situation when thuggery is on the rise. If we do not support our Police Officers who are our only shield against this danger, then the consequences could prove disastrous. Think of the situation when in distress we call 911, with our trembling fingers, and instead of a Police Officer, a leopard shows up at our door and we feel like the baby monkey.

© Samina Iqbal. 2013

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